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Director of Development - Marco Island Academy

Company: Marco Island Academy, Marco Island, FL
Date Posted: July 5, 2016

Title:                                 Director of Development

Reports to:                    Principal of the Academy

Primary Purpose:

  • To secure funds for the organization by fulfilling the interests and passions of donors by providing them with giving opportunities, encouraging them to give, and proactively letting them know their gift is making a difference.
  • To actively cultivate new donors, while retaining existing donors for the organization.
  • To continually increase all donor giving and involvement in the school.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Work with the principal and board of directors of the school to create plans and establish goals/objectives related to fund-raising, including:  planned gifts, major gifts, grants, annual gifts, endowed funds, special events and capital campaigns. 
  2. Create, manage, and publish the development calendar.
  3. Qualify a caseload of donors from a larger group of donors; create individual goals for each donor on the caseload and then a cultivation and solicitation plan for each donor.  Execute the plan for each donor and modify it as circumstances change.
  4. Identify donors and donor prospects including individuals, corporations, and foundations, creating plans to acquire, steward, cultivate, and solicit them.
  5. Maintain, rate, and update a current donor database of all constituent groups; maintain and update a current stewardship database to acknowledge and track gifts.
  6. Prepare monthly reports for the Principal and Board of Directors showing the status of current solicitations and other development activities, including the status of the endowment.
  7. Serve as a resource and coordinator for any events related to the fund-raising operations of the Academy.
  8. Solicit, recruit, and organize fund-raising volunteers.
  9. Lead, direct, and motivate parents, students, faculty, and staff in development events and activities.
  10. Conduct research on donor prospects.  Design and monitor a profiling system of donor prospects and supervise donor files; develop donor cultivation strategies from the research process.
  11. Solicit gifts from existing and identified donors using direct response and individual fundraising strategies
  12. Follow up on all solicitations to ensure maximum success, including submission of proposals and telephone monitoring until a response is obtained. Design and implement a thank-you system tailored to all giving levels. Design and implement a stewardship program for all donors assuring that all donors to the Academy know that their giving is making a difference.
  13. Identify and cultivate media contacts.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: 

  1. General principles, practices, and procedures of fund-raising.
  2. Experience in directing and implementing a development program.
  3. Proficiency in written and verbal communications.
  4. Above average computer literacy.
  5. Representation of Marco Island Academy in the community.
  6. Supervision, management, and teamwork skills.
  7. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
  8. Proficiency in database management.
  9. Ability to maintain a flexible schedule.
  10. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to present publicly.
  11. Passion for the value of and need to support charter schools.

Education, Training and Experience:

  1. Bachelor's degree.
  2. Three years of development experience; demonstrated accomplishments in fund-raising.
  3. Computer literacy and database management.
  4. Knowledge of experience in management, planning, program development and execution.

 Accountability – Performance will be measured by: 

  1. Ability to create fundraising plans that are strategic and work at an acceptable cost to revenue relationship.
  2. Ability to qualify donors from the larger pool of organizational donors that meet the major gift criteria and then create reasonable financial goals for each donor which are based on their giving and their potential.
  3. Ability to create a personal contact and ask plan for each donor on his or her caseload that takes into account the individual donor's passions, interests, motivations, giving patterns, and ask preferences.
  4. Ability to execute this plan in a timely and cost effective manner which results in the retention and upgrading of donors.
  5. Ability to secure project and organization information and create and write effective offers, proposals and asks in all the media used. 
  6. Ability to secure information that can be sent back to donors to report on how their giving is making a difference.
  7. Ability to create timely reports that reflect caseload and other fundraising program performance.
  8. Ability to manage people, process, deadlines, and budget while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization.
  9. Ability to get along with peers, subordinates, and management, maintaining a positive and constructive attitude while solving problems.
  10. Ability to be a team player and protect the mission, goals, and values of the organization.
  11. Ability to implement activities and/or programs that directly link the donors with the stakeholders specifically referenced in the mission of Marco Island Academy.

 Contact: Melissa Scott, Principal